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A drift is unclear with a photograph. So I placed drift movies.


Drift Parkingsuccess parking
Drift Parking
This is a simple Drift Parking movie.
The start in first gear and second gear acceleration.
After that, used double-clutch into first gear.
Stepped on the clutch and pulled the hand brake.
And adjusted the car slide by brake.
Drift on board Cameratire cooling in a puddle
Drift on board Camera movie
This is Drift on board Camera movie.
It sees from a third party's viewpoint, it is interesting.
At this time, the course which put the pylon in order freely and made it in gymkhana place was run.
The tire was soaked in the puddle during the run for tire cooling. Since the tire finally burst, it is the end of a run.
self-satisfied PV monochrome openingcorner
ER34 self-satisfied PV
This is the video which edited various drift videos.
A concept is self-satisfied, so this is self-satisfied video!
When it pulls up a handbrake, it is white smoke suddenly.
Smoke from tires...
This is the video tooked from the slightly high place. From this viewpoint, the motion of a car be easy to understand.
I tried that make smoke more mostly. If more wheel spin, the temperature of a tire will go up and smoke will occur heavily. But, the tires are lost rapidly.
S cornersliding
The first drift contest
One day, I wanted to take part in Drift contest.
This video was taken then.
Anyway, a attractive drift is difficult.
A tire drops on dirt just for a moment.360-degree turn
The drift which doesn't oblivious of lap time
It starts and it accelerates flat out.
Thr first corner, I did drift by second speed, because ER34 has enough power.
I switch the drift direction at short straight.
I controled the rear tires to the out of a course. And approach to the next pylon. Deceleration & turn beginning by handbrake. Gear change to first speed, and 360 degree trun.
It is pleasant to control the car, although it is not fast.
It is a downshiftWhite smoke generating
R34 Drift after installed LSD and suspension
R34 Drift after installed mechanical LSD and suspension.
I did drift by third speed for the first time. It was easier than it thought, and It is happy because the speed is fast. The basis of the drift is the same as first speed and second speed.
If Power has more, a drift will be able to do more easily.
Full normal R34 Drift
One scene in drift practice meeting.
It keeps turning only round and round round the pie Ron course. Only turning around a pylon course round and round. ER34 may be easily good at the drift even in completely normal! When completely normal, viscous coupling LSD don't work well, there are a lot of rolls, and vehicle height is very high. But, driving is very pleasant. This is an important thing.

The drift check after installed LSD
Changes into mechanical LSD from viscous coupling LSD.
Hard to do a drift when it was viscous coupling LSD, after change is easyto do a drift! But, In the case of a normal suspension, I think it is a little ill-balanced.
However, Even if this animation is seen, it doesn't understand well. It was good for a useless wheelspin to decrease.

The Drift video of a rainy day in a gymkhana
Drift animation of rainy day at gymkhana.
Rear tires are old and cheap, so very slippery. The spin is easily done, if don't be careful.
The gymkhana of such a rainy day becomes good practice of control of a car.

The Drift in a gymkhana
This is Gymkhana video. The full animation from a start to the goal.
It starts and it throttle full open. Because it has poor power, it is slow. However the drift continues, thanks to low grip tires (old and cheap).
Flat out of about one minute. Gymkhana is recommended, because it can enjoy any car.

Accelerator turn
This is the video which took the play at drift. I turns around a friend round and round by HR33.
A little wheel is turned and a clutch is connected at about 4000rpm. Then, rear wheels carries out a wheel spin and a car begins to turn automatically.

The inside tire smoke is too terrible because of low performance LSD.

It circles in AE86 instead of a pylon.
It circles in My friend's AE86 instead of a pylon.

First of all, it accelerates by first speed.
I pulls up a handbrake in the place behind AE86, Next, I controls with an accelerator.

Play of the open space of the circuit
Even specification of a 2000cc SOHC engine(130HP) and viscous coupling LSD can played.
Because rear tires are old and cheap.
Impossible in case of a tire which is gripped.

By your car, since those who think cannot drift, It comes to be able to do by changing to cheap tires. So, Let's enjoy!

The scene in a gymkhana 1
Open space of the circuit.
One scene in a gymkhana practice meeting.
The course at this time was monotonous and was not interesting. Only the place of the turn was interesting in the big circle.
This is the scene.

anyway, the acceleration after a 360-degree turn is slow.
This is Fate of HR33.

The scene in a gymkhana 2
The scene in a gymkhana.
This is an video at the time of the 2nd gymkhana experience.
It was in February, 2002.

A drift is possible also by a poor power car(2000cc NA SOHC 130HP). The slide direction is changed by the handbrake and a foot brake. Rear tire is old and cheap, so slide is continued by small power.
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